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Twenty-fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

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Tonights episode of The West Wing won an Emmy for outstanding directing for a drama series and also happens to be the first episode I ever saw of the show. Because the ABC is airing two episodes at once viewers are in the unique situation of watching the finale of season four and the start of season five in one sitting tonight.

Basically the Presidents daughter has just been kidnapped and enacting the 25th Amendment he removes himself from office, and because there is no vice president the Republican speaker of the house takes over as president.

The first video is a promo for tonights episode, and the second is the end of last weeks episode along with those dual credits.

(Last time the 25th was used was in 2002 when Cheney took over the powers of the president while Bush got a colonoscopy).

2 replies on “Twenty-fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution”

I saw the episode thought it was quite good. I was watching Commander-in-Chief before and since thats been cancelled I decided to give this a go.

I expected some resolution at the end of the show (10pm AEST) and when I saw the candles scence and heard the “depressing” music I thought I’d missed something but then I saw the ad for next weeks episode. I think I’ve been hooked.

I too was watching the last version of Commander in Chief just out from the U.S. After being kind of depressed because it got cancelled, I thought I’d watch an episode of The West Wing.

After watching a few episodes (both on ABC and Arena), I can say now that the West Wing is one of the best shows on television, and that I am glad i found it as a CiC replacement.

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