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In this week’s Chaser they did a hilarious bit that showed off a mock ABC nude calendar, the public’s reaction was priceless, and I was actually really surprised with the quality of the design of the calander (as well as the pictures). I got an email yesterday with this excerpt from the SMH that might imply we could be seeing more of it;

The nude celebrity calendar featured in last week’s episode of The Chaser’s War on Everything could hit bookshops next year. The calendar, which featured the faces of such ABC personalities as Adam Hills, Jennifer Byrne, Andrew Denton and Margaret Pomeranz on nude portraits, was conceived as a TV stunt, but the Chaser team is contemplating publishing it as a real calendar.

The female bodies were supplied by models, but at least three of the male bodies belong to the Chaser team – Chas Licciardello stood in for Andrew Denton, Andrew Hansen for James O’Loughiin (pictured) and Craig Reucassel posed as himself. An insider told The Guide that consensus within the ABC is that Mr December, The 7.30 Report’s Kerry O’Brien, is ‘“the hottest”. His body was provided by an ABC staff member who wishes to remain anonymous.

For more pictures

James O'Loghlin ABC Nude Calendar

Andrew Denton Enough Rope ABC Nude Calendar

Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton ABC Nude Calendar

Craig Reucassel  ABC Nude Calendar

Kerry O'Brien ABC Nude Calendar

7 replies on “Coming to an ABC shop near you”

In the spirit of public broadcasting, those at the ABC bare it all as promised. I guess that brings another meaning to transparency in government!

the first body is andrew, the second one is chas and then of course craig did his own, then the one who did david is not allowed to be said

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