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This week in current affairs shows: Part 10

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This weeks lesson: the big issues

This weeks segment looks back at the year according to current affairs shows, they very cleverily compare what the real news programs were covering and what A Current Affair and Today Tonight thought were most important…

The 7th of February will live in history, not because of the Iraqi wheat scandal, or because Australia saw one of its biggest drug stings ever, but because of this tragedy of global proporations… The day innocence died at the Gourmet Pizza Kitchen.

To recap the last nine lessons check out the Chaser’s War category of this blog.

2 replies on “This week in current affairs shows: Part 10”

That was funny!

Out of all the big stories, your channel 9 choose something that on a small minaroty would watch for their current affiar program.

On the Internet, it might have worked, but on TV, it doesn’t!

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