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May 2006

simpsons may

Most downloaded: Chris on Sunrise
Second place: BBC Radio 1 promo
Most comments: BBC News openers (34 and counting).
Bandwidth: 90.01 gigabytes
Total downloads: 36,781 videos

2 replies on “May 2006”

hey, you are not the only one. Cheer up! ^^
i’m 22 and 5 months (this job) has been my record on staying on the same job because of principals too (being 21 AND a woman isn’t easy either)

I don’t know if we are on the same ship, but I have been told than in the graphic & animation design industry worldwide, age doesn’t matter…it’s WHAT YOU DO that matters…anyways, they’ll still stab you in the back…that’s how it works here on either FCB, Leo Burnet or Mccann Erickson here in Colombia…at least that’s what happened to me.

Hey, you are a great designer (are you a designer?) and that’s what you’ve got to do…show everybody what you’ve got. You’re 21, you still have alot to go through…I bet you want to do idents one day, amarite?

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