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Chaser by request

Philip Ruddock gets PursuitTrivia’d (5.1mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit


> Quicktime H.264
> iPod Compatible
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> Quicktime H.264
> iPod Compatible
> RealPlayer Media

Short of uploading entire episodes of The Chasers War on Everything (which I’ve already done once, but I like to think I was kind of making a point with that), I try to be selective in what I post, keeping it vaugely relevant to the media.

That said, I’m always happy to give people what they want, so here’s this weeks PursuitTrivia with Philip Ruddock, and Chris walking into shops wearing a stocking on his head.

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Thanks for fulfiling that request. I showed it to some friends at Uni who’ve never heard of the Chaser before and they’ll be tuning in this week.


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