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Foxtel Friday: TV1

Foxtel Fridays: TV1 (673kb) >> To comment and see the other TV1 videos visit


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In an effort to post some actual idents I thought I’d introduce this semi-regular column.. Better Know a Foxtel Channel (aka Foxtel Friday). So without further ado, Part 2 in this 63 part series…

I’m so glad I called this a “semi-regular” column because gee I’ve been lazy with it, and calling it “Foxtel Friday” didn’t seem to help either, it gets around to Thursday every week and I realise I’ve got nothin.

Anyway this week I got around to doing something, and that something was called TV1 (the fightin’ first). TV1 is one of the oldest channels on Australian subscription television, its a joint venture between Sony, Universal and Paramount and just like FOX8 is best known for The Simpsons, TV1 is probably most remembered for having Seinfeld (in my household at least).

More videos after the jump.

And in case you missed it, FOX8 was the first Foxtel Friday.


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1 reply on “Foxtel Friday: TV1”

TV1 is certainly one of the best Foxtel channels. I have always watched it the most out of any of them, and have done for the past 7 years, since we got Foxtel. Its indents are funky and they keep them fresh. They also hold an important place for me because they are the only channel, subscription or otherwise to treat Star Trek with the respect it deserves.

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