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Swearing on Sunrise

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Chris Taylor from the Chaser’s War trying to divorce his wife and make Mel and David very uncomfortable on a live (or is it?) Sunrise broadcast.

First Update: yep, it was staged.

Second Update: Listen to Chris Taylor talk to Robbie Buck on Triple J about it.


10 replies on “Swearing on Sunrise”

Is it possible to get the government ad segment up. “they don’t really think i’m a rapist do they?….yes they do”. Haha gold.

I don’t think it really went to air – much more would have been said if it had. I’m sure Kochie and Mel were in on the joke and they made it look like it happened live.

Thats kind of what I thought when I first saw it, did anyone actually see it go to air?

Yeah…after last time, when a woman said f***wit, they canned the interview practically as the word came out of her mouth, and then threw to a break. Then there was a lot of explaining for the next few days. But for this, I haven’t heard anything about it besides the Chaser…

I thought it was extremely obvious from the start.
Obviously none of you are in theatre; David and Melissa can’t act for shit.

Which really begs the question:

“What is love? Baby don’t hurt me! Don’t hurt me! No more!”

From finding a lady, to dumping a lady, Chaser’s where all the blokes are at.

This clearly didnt go to air! imagin the hoopla that would have gone on if it did, in the word’s of Mrs Lovejoy from the simpsons “won’t Someone Think Of The Children” would have been the reaction i feel!

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