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There’s more to.. my new favourite one of these

Another of the ABC idents (1.3mb) >> To comment and see other idents visit


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I know there is a heap of these new ABC idents I haven’t posted, but I really like this one, its better then a lot of the other frisbee-throwing, couch-sitting ones on air.

In ABC related news, Crikey is reporting that the ABC could be getting ready to license some of its content to a “third party website”, my first thought was iTunes (awesome!), but the article goes on to explain that “the license fee based on advertising revenue”, which would mean the repackaged content would come with some sort of advertising (not so awesome), and doesn’t sound like something that would happen on iTunes.

3 replies on “There’s more to.. my new favourite one of these”

Hey, I’m a silent reader. Or not so silent reader now…

Pleeeease post more of these idents, they are brilliant. I just love them!

Great site by the way.

Even though I prefer the ‘brand’ ident (News and Current Affairs, Shops, Radio, etc.), this is one of my favourites – it’s beautifully done. The ABC’s current graphics package is absolutely marvellous.

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