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The Chaser’s War on iPod

Friday’s entire episode (128mb) >> To comment and see the reasoning behind this one off download visit


Triple J’s Hack current affairs program did a story this week about how Australian’s are now the biggest downloaders of TV in the world. And who can blame us?

With Ten, Nine and Seven too busy protecting their ad revenue to offer downloads I think ABC has the perfect opportunity to step up and offer video downloads. I wouldn’t mind them charging us for it through iTunes, or just video podcasting them for free. Either way, to get the ball rolling.. last nights entire episode of The Chaser’s War on Everything.

> iPod Download 128mb (right click + save)

(You don’t need a video iPod to watch, but you will need iTunes, Quicktime or VLC)

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Could you please upload a video of the end of TCWOE, where they ripped off the Moove ad?

John: Hey T-Mac, I’ve just added that video, check the previous post.

Absolutely correct, John!

The ABC could charge $1 a download, and make A FORTUNE!

Then they wouldn’t need to debate putting ads on the TV.

I love the ABC’s new Broadband site ‘ABC Video on Demand’ which launched this week.

You can now watch almost every ABC produced show on the net.

It’s brilliant…but then what do you expect from the ABC?

Awesome. I’m on exchange in Canada and these updates are the only thing standing between me and that dreadful precipice of missing Chaser episodes.

A worthwhile service that the ABC could look into. Think of it as extra revenue, much as the ABC Shops are. Just as long as you don’t charge for them, John. Thanks for the continued updates.

I just watched that complete episode of The Charger’s War using the VLC player. Absolutely brilliant!! Why a UK broadcaster such as Sky or Channel 4 haven’t bought the rights to show the programme over here is beyond me.

Channel 9 actually do offer some video downloads, and as well as news, you can download episodes they produce (I’m not sure if they are the full episodes). It’s nowhere near as good as what the ABC offer, though.

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