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Ten drinks ’til you drown

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Ten’s latest 60 second ident, they’re still going with the ‘what I like about you’ theme.

I’m not a fan of the “all our celebrities partying” thing, at least Channel Nine’s ‘Still the One’ song and dance had something a bit more inspired (even if it is apparently a rip of some Michael Buble video clip).

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Ten have lost there way with station branding and idents recently.Hopefully they will lift there game soon.

I like 10’s new promos for shows and most of the onscreen graphcis package, it’s their idents and bumpers which are rubbish.

This ident is just annoying. The music sounds bad and the video content doesn’t look good, more like a bunch of people fooling around without instructions. Ten has never been particularly good at flashy marketing, except maybe OC.

The music is funky! It has an autumnal depth to it, a heavier sound- a bit the musical equivalent of a hot, savoury casserole- than the lighter, rockier version employed by Ten over summer. The colours are also darker and warmer than the bright yellows and oranges employed in the summer ident.

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