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This is where your world starts spinning


“The World Beckons” – around the world in 80 treasures, foreign correspondent, life in the undergrowth

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“Challenges are Met” – brat camp, space race, peking to paris

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“Life is Lighter” – worst week of my life, extras, little britain

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These are ABC’s promo’s for all the new shows coming up in 2005, I really like the song, but have no idea what it is.

I’m hoping there’s another one of these out there featuring West Wing, I can’t wait to see how ABC promote it.

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These are great promos, I love the way the ABC jingle is brought in right at the end. I think the aussies now how to do ‘feel good’ idents better than most.

Hi John,

Firstly thanks for your hosting this site. I too love this latest ident theme music and would love to find out the artist name and track name etc. Very catchy tune and had my attention from the first time I heard it. Look forward to viewing your site regularly.


Very nice promo, and it’s nice to hear Rob Kitney’s ABC theme at the end again – I thought it had gone for good! I’m not sure who sung/played it, but it would probably be a specially-commissioned thing.

There’s actually another promo which has popped up in the last couple of days featuring, and I quote, “ABC news”, “7.30 report” and “lateline” (I like the use of small caps). Slightly diverging from the topic, I do like the new ‘programme idents’ (like for Carnivale and Surfing the Menu) that the ABC has done.

Thanks again for the videos.

I suggest that you contact ABC Content Sales ( and see if they can provide that information. Alternatively, you could contact Aunty’s TV department by e-mail at – I did regarding the ABC TV News theme, and, with any luck, it’ll be coming to me within a couple of weeks. 😉

The song used in the ‘This Is Where…’ campaign is called ‘Light My Way’. The piece was commissioned by the ABC, written and performed by Al Harding.

This info from ABC Audience & Consumer Affairs.

Al Harding – Light My Way. This seems to be a small sample of brilliance.
With a voice almost like David Bowie and music of the age when it sent an erotic chill up your spine,
that blew your mind, I would like to her the whole song complete and hear more of what Al Harding has created. It has been a long time since I heard a peice of music like this that I wanted to play over and over again ! Thank you Al Harding and thank you ABC.

If any one knows how to get any music of Al Harding including where it is please let me know, ive asked abc they say its not for sale.

Hey Guys,

I have just read your collective kind remarks re my song
‘Light my way”. I can’t believe how much interest it has created. I wish all my clients were as happy, as I spend most of my time composing Film and TV music that goes pretty much un-noticed, or at least un-appreciated !
You have rekindled my enthusiasm to write more songs, so
thanks to you all, particulary for being so passioniate about music !

Hi Al, I’ll just add my appreciation to the others listed above. The song Light My Way is a bloody ripper. It reminds me of one of the new breed indie English or American bands in its lyrical and musical contest. Fantastic! Good luck with your future work and I hope to see your music on sale in ABC Shops soon. Regards, Danny from Darwin.

I was so hoping that this song was going to be available! Great work Al. The strength of this song alone would be enough for me to buy an album. It reminds me of the first time I heard Drops Of Jupiter by Train being advertised on TV.

Any chance of getting the song up on your website as part of the showreel (assuming that there aren’t contractual issues about this with the ABC)? Nice studio too by the way!

Dear ABC – sounds like the groundswell of public opinion is to release “Light My Way” at least as a single.

What d’ya reckon ?


Well, Rob Kitney’s three-note motif has been used as long as the previous ABCtv News theme (the former was introduced to the Bicentenary idents in 1988, the latter was introduced when The National was ditched and ABC News brought back at the end of 1986) and 18 years is a very long time for something to be used continually. I do like the new ident music and, although I’ll miss it, I think that the Kitney’s ‘ABC theme’ has left us at the right time.

Hi, Love what the ABC do but I dissagress with Jordan on one thing, and that is the three note motif has been around for a while and most probably not his idea but aunties. Its the music and station id’s before the motif that contained real music and real musicians that we all like. Never have enough of it.

Sorry to change the topic but I am trying to find out the name of a song used to promote West Wing last year. It was a slow and beautiful ballad, I can’t remember the words–maybe it contained land of our fathers..any ideas anyone?

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