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All networks in Australia, except the ABC broadcast Electronic Program Guides on Digital TV. For some reason SBS is the only network that broadcasts their EPG in Canberra, on my trip to Sydney however I managed to grab samples from the other three EPG’s.

SBS is my favourite of the bunch (check out their old EPG here). I don’t mind the Seven and Nine EPG’s and the Ten one looks good too but it so horribly out of date its embarrasing. They have icons promoting shows that aren’t on anymore, they have photos of Neighbours cast that have left the show, and I thought Australian Idol was over? Its as if Network Ten don’t realise their even broadcasting it.

> SBS EPG RealPlayer Stream (3.3mb)

> Seven EPG RealPlayer Stream (1.8mb)

> Nine EPG RealPlayer Stream (2.2mb)

> Ten EPG RealPlayer Stream (2.1mb)

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LOL, so true about the Ten EPG. I’m not sure which one i actually prefer, they’re all abit…blah! Thanks for the clips though!

It’s weird that ABC doesn’t have an EPG. Does anyone find a weird clicking noise in the background of the Channel Nine EPG. It only started since they “sort of” changed their look back in late 2004. It’s so annoying.

With what has been said about Network TEN’s EPG – about it being so, so out of date – the horrible truth is that the graphics department take care of the EPG. They create the images, put everything into a database, and the completely useless EPG is spat out. All broadcast control do it is make sure that the server runs the thing – so they really don’t know what they are broadcasting on the EPG…

If it were not required by law, bandwith could be utilised to its ‘full potential’ as governed by Ms Coonan. By ditching the EPG, the so called ‘HD service’ could be bolstered from 13 Mbps to 15 Mbps, and in turn a dedicated mpg4 stream provided – far superior to that of what is currently broadcast as ‘HD’ (at just under the bandwith required for an SD channel). At least we can all dream…

And on another note – the TEN Network is centralised in Sydney (for those who did not know that), and also doubles as Network TEN Perth’s newsroom… scary stuff…

Ten’s epg doesn’t even fit properly onto the screen be it a 4.3 or 16.9 tv. its all wrong. I love sevens but it is quite pixelated

Do what the Americans and Canadians do… make the pay providers broadcast EPG guides for all the channels under one brand… let’s say TV Guide (or is it TV Times?). That’ll remove the need to change your own skin once in awhile.

I think from what i read on the DBA web site that Sydney has channel 4 or something like that which is an EPG of all stations at once…
Oh and ABC does now have an EPG, they show it on ABC2 after regular programming has stoped (after the late night footy match) and it shows whats on ABC and ABC2 as well as info about the music currently playing.

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