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The new SBS…


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SBS has relaunched its news broadcast with new graphics and a new set… I think the video speaks for itself.

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Isn’t this the most disgusting set you’ve ever seen?!? It makes SBS look like it’s jumped back into the early 90s (with a significantly smaller budget, which is not the case with the current SBS). Who on Earth decided this set, with it horrible clash of colours would be a good idea, particularly when the rest of SBS promotion is looking so well-designed?

Horrid. The colours clash, the opening animation is cheap and doesn’t represent anything, and the music (which used to be the best news theme on Australian TV, when the ABC was still using its awful old one) has had all the drama taken out of it. I know SBS is pretty low budget, but the old scheme was a lot better than this one, except for the studio.

I have never seen such a DISGUSTING news set before!

Just be thankful you’ll never see this on the channel again.

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