Channel Nine says Welcome Home.

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Channel Nine has again refreshed itself, this time with the tagline ‘Welcome Home’.

There use of the Black Eyed Pea’s track “I Gotta Feeling” comes hot off the heels of CBS doing the same thing, but I guess that’s the price you pay for using overly predictable Top 40 music in your promotions.

For more from the new look check out this.

9 Responses to “Channel Nine says Welcome Home.”

  • That was awful….another tacky attempt from nine, the music was poorly cut together and I just found that awful.

  • I like it. Love how the Nine logo is 3D again – looks good. And now that they look good all Nine needs to do is actually BECOME the home of entertainment and that promo will be accurate.

    The 5 second ident is very much like the old Still The One Idents – brings me back to good old Nine.

    But otherwise its a good look – makes most of those shows look good.

  • it’s awful – the font is TERRIBLE. urgh – and i tell you what, the graphics won’t make me watch nine – not suddenly canning shows is what will make people watch.

  • Sorry, but Nine’s totally pales by comparison to the American campaign. The audio edits are horrible, video selection’s not great, the 3D’s cheesy, font selection’s horrible too.

    Here’s the U.S. version:

  • Who is going to relate to such a cheap looking, amateurish approach like this? Welcome Home to what – a enormous turd on the carpet? As a viewer I feel totally ripped-off. Insulted even. It’s like Nine simply doesn’t give a toss, or is it they’ve simply ceased to evolve beyond the mentality of the 1980s? I honestly wonder how can anyone at Nine can look at this and think yes, we’re putting our best foot forward to regain the No1 ratings position? Hideous, boring, mindless rubbish. Anything but entertaining or “welcoming”. As Kerry would say “I wouldn’t wipe my arse with it Son”.

  • Looks really sci-fi. Don’t know if it will have an impact on the amount of viewers though…

  • this is complete bollocks.. take a look at SBS, TEN, ABC and learn hows its friggen done!

  • I hate the ‘welcome home’ font – it looks amateur-ish – but the rest of it is quite good really.. Is Today beating Sunrise now??

  • Say what you feel Russ, don’t hold back…

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