Channel 4 at 25.

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British public service broadcaster Channel 4 is turning 25 this year, and along with other celebrations More4 is broadcasting a “quietly celebratory, but not uncritical” documentary about itself called Channel 4 at 25.

Within the documentary some moments in the broadcasters identity were relived, and this is what I’m sharing today. The first video is a special montage ident merging the various looks that the network has had over the past quarter century. The next video relives the first moments of the channel on air, and the final video is a recreation of the original ident that made such a big splash when it first launched.

Channel 4 continues to make some of the best on air branding, check out their current set of idents, their special Simpson’s ident, the 20 questions collection and Judi Dench in a lobster costume spruiking FilmFour.

– Thanks for the videos Craig.

5 Responses to “Channel 4 at 25.”

  • reminds me of what the BBC did with “life on mars” :3
    they should do it more often…

  • I think only the middle video has the genuine original ident. The one used in the first and last video doesn’t quite have the same ‘polished but 80s’ look

    Either way, the music has sent me right back to my childhood!

    On a side note, and in a kinda reply to Melissa Adkins, Darkplace (the hilarious, amazing and completely underrated show “Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace” used the original Channel 4 logo at the beginning of every show šŸ˜€

  • These idents are brilliant. I especially like the multicoloured variations on the original more4 animations and I hope we get to see a lot more of them.

  • i love the 25th aneversey of countdown

  • Great way of celebrating, the blocks idents haven’t dated at all. Channel 4 knew how to do great branding from day 1.

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