The Morning Show’s war on Nine and Ten.

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BBC One launched two new idents over the weekend. This is the first of them, with a space exploration theme, the standard remains very high, and while they’re probably not my favourite you can’t deny the quality of production.

View all of the new BBC One idents here.

2 Responses to “The Morning Show’s war on Nine and Ten.”

  • I have to say, this ident is my favorite ones from all the collection of new BBC One idents; though, I also have to say I didn’t liked so much the other idents – kidda miss the old ones. In other words, this one is the best they have made since they’ve changed look IMO :3

  • Quite imaginative, but didn’t excite me. But I feel this costs more than the other idents… or I could be wrong. Tee hee.

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