SBS Videos: Idents

This is bigger then your love of blue.


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The SBS (or Special Broadcasting Service) like the ABC is government funded and is designed to broadcast multicultural programs that “inform, educate and entertain” the nation. Unlike the ABC however it is allowed to broadcast ads in between programs. The SBS is the lowest rated free to air channel in Australia but happens to make some of the cooler idents and this one, although terribly simple and short is one of my favourites on air at the moment.

This is part of a series of “water” idents from SBS, I will post the others soon.

ABC2 Videos: Idents

Terrible 2’s. They’ll grow out of it.


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ABC2 is the new digital channel of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and was launched on March 7 2005. The channel is completley automated which allows for no live programming but helps cut down on operating costs. The channel runs a variety of programs including an extensive range of repeated shows originally aired on ABC1 from throughout the week.

This ident was one of the first aired on the network and is honestly pretty ordinary. The ABC2 logo is very similair to the BBC2 logo but they go in different directions with it and when I post the newer (and much much better) ABC2 idents you’ll see how.