Channel 4’s truly alternative Christmas message.

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Since 1993 Channel 4 has been offering viewers an alternative to the Queen’s Christmas message. With the likes of Ali G, Jamie Oliver and even Marge Simpson delivering a speech it’s generally been a rather tongue-in-cheek event.

This year however Channel 4 decided to court controversy with their decision to approach Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (who was so beautifully satirised by SNL here) to deliver the address.

5 Responses to “Channel 4’s truly alternative Christmas message.”

  • thanks for bringing this one here :3 I knew you would share it with us (and I still remember marge simpson’s christmas message)

  • His speech doesn’t exactly coincide with our practice of separate church and state. I still would support a coup or similar CIA action… I think a war with Iran wouldn’t be a good tactic though.

  • Quite interesting. Thanks for posting.

  • Can you find the Ali G message?

  • Extremely interesting. He’s got a point regarding…”If Jesus were here today”. That could be the beginning of a cross-cultural dialogue aiming to the…why not!…world peace. So, let’s open our minds and talk. There’s much more connecting us than dividing us, after all.

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